What now my country…

…after “what I call the flyover bushels of despicables” (Paraphrasing Lady Klynton Kissinger Sachs) have decided a billionaire bully narcissist is their champion who will return not only their USA to greatness but them to gainful secure employment. Good luck with that, when “Mein Trumpf” is nothing if not a proponent of and master of the universe beneficiary of the conservative triumvirate:

  1. Lower taxes, especially on the wealthiest- which coincidentally includes him and his kind;
  2. Deregulation of anything that stands in the way of the “MotU” (master of the universe) caste from doing whatever they damn well please- and everything else (IE the environment, your livelihood, quality healthcare for any but the few, and decent public education as the greatest Democratizing tool for real meritocracy ever invented)- be damned;
  3. And lets not forget privatization of anything of “The Commons” that can be gutted for quick and ample returns for the usual and same crony capitalist suspects as those that have funded this eras shameful version of “reality TV democracy.

…and here’s a quote from the next Democratic Congressman from New Jersey’s 7th District:

“No sulking is permitted. No regrets or buyers remorse allowed. Activism in America has morphed into watching CNN, Fox, and MSNBC – the real entertainment networks. They never told you that the middle class will now become even smaller. So please America don’t get up from your couch — it’s comfy and soft reflecting your political will.
Our new president elect is an unstable bigot, sexual predator and compulsive liar. Sadly, the establishment Dems chose the wrong candidate, and if they wanted to win rather than play the “it’s my turn” game among themselves they might have
picked almost anybody else. A candidate who could swing an equally strong sledgehammer to the existing body politic, and to challenge the least qualified winning candidate since Buchanan.” -George Lucaci-

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