On the Morally bankrupt neo-libDemocratic Party…

http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/11/10/blame-neoliberals-democrats-toxic-ideology-paved-way-trump by Jake JohnsonA couple quotes:

The most general takeaway from this fact is the following. There is something wrong with the Democratic Party: Namely, it is ideologically bankrupt. Neoliberalism, the party’s driving force, is toxic, and it has failed not only much of the United States, but also much of the world, driving wealth into the hands of the few while leaving the rest to fight for the crumbs. People are sick of it. And without a populist left offering an ambitious alternative to the status quo, the nativist right has thrived, and will continue to thrive.

“Elite liberalism, it turns out, cannot defeat right-wing populism,” several editors of Jacobin concluded on Wednesday.

Given recent history, I’m not confident that Democratic politicians, operatives, and pundits will make an honest effort to confront the implications of Tuesday’s results. So:

If we have just witnessed the death of the Democratic establishment, well, good riddance.

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