An Apolitical Political Memoir…

…or, an Autobiographical Historical Novel, or collection of crot styled epipehenal scenes presented in the style of imaginative fiction gone haywire.

Whatever it is, it is, “like, the writin'” that must needs get done, and done it got. The original version of this manuscript was wrotten (oops, Freudian slip tight off the bat, I meant to say Written but you see what came to the surface) in crayon on a jumbo value roll of “Simple Yellow Wrap” super absorbent paper towels. The text has been preserved unexpurgated, and only names have been changed to protect the lost innocence of all of the guilty among us, and that could mean you or even sweet, lovable me.

I started coloring this on the morning after the cosmically comic ascendancy of one who shall remain nameless, but who I have taken to referring to as “Mein Trumpf”- in a not to subtle or transparent reference to my deepest fears of what seems to be going on with “Our Democracy”. It may or may not be a reflection toward this particular individual, and I hope it is not. Only time will tell. Anyway, this is where the new creative effort begins. And it must become new, see…

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