Letter to Hillary camp…

…which of course got no reply…

Please, tell Hillary to stand up to Trump and actually fight him toe to. All his lying Ted and crooked Hillary excrement needs to be countered with real streetfighting back at him, such as: “narcissistic megolomaniacal ‘the Donald’ with messianic tendencies” and the man who has never fought his own battles in his life and has screwed countless small business contractors with his constant “lawyering up” against them to force them to take 30 cents and less on the dollar just after he dips into investor and shareholder troughs and right before he uses the bankruptcy laws to his advantage. Call this guy out for what he really is and always has been: an eighties style Gordon Gecko like “master of the universe” in his own eyes- a shameless huckster whose only real skill seems to be his propagandist embrace of the old truism that if you repeat a lie often enough and loudly enough then enough people and the Mainstream Corporatist Media will give you, mein Trumpf, enough of a pass to make you a “serious” Presidential “alternative” candidate. Take this guy down in this and the remaining debates, Hillary, or you will lose this election to a reality TV charlatan. Good Luck

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