More mined from the e’s…

…eventually sense has to be made of "all of this"… but look you now, I’ll go play…

This site, has to be on the blog roll of sites to be often linked to for specific articles. More radical than most… but the fact is we need a radical and rapidly evolving "p’BD’DiA" movement to impact things right away now. Enough delay, hell, I’m fading away almost. is another all around good source site… was slammed by for taking anonymous money but it turns out that that web entity is a mouthpiece of the water privatization efforts of the private water companies

The truth is likely close to this: roughly three times as much "dark" money gets spent on right leaning issues, causes, and candidates than gets spent on the liberal center right mainstream sides of those involved stories . And when it comes to any kind of legitimate harder radical left leaning response to the hard right business conservative funding coalition, forget about it. They got the guns, and as it turns out they got the money too. But we do have the numbers, if, "We the people…" as they say, could figure out how to best better organize ourselves.

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