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… and when does this all become coherent???

These treaties need to be dismantled, so we truly do have free trade. As it is now, it is anything but. The Trans Pacific Trade Treaty is the latest iteration of this on going power grab by international corporations. They rule the world now or close to it.

Carolyn Egeli

is a trusted commenter Valley Lee, Md

The TPP is an end run around the Constitution. And let me drop some nuance on you non-libertarians: it is not a perfect document, some things are murky, the Founders were human, and a Con. Convention may be a good idea. The Constitution matters not because it is perfect but because it is a contract between the citizenry and the government.

All financial transactions need to be taxed. All income must be taxed at the same progressive rates. All political races must be funded only with public money. All representative districts need to be drawn by the courts, rather than the politicians whose campaigns are funded by what we quaintly call “donations.”

The American people need to decide whose country it is.


Or the corporations who are trying to devour us.


mid-state NY

So these women are serving how much hard time???
in a privatized prison maybe? Not sure… Demaryius Thomas mom and grandma
…Ca. 1967 by IF Stone

Published on Monday, February 3, 2014 by Common Dreams

Inequality Shocks, But Doesn’t Stop

by Paul Buchheit

Published on Monday, February 3, 2014 by

The Menace of the Military Mind

by Chris Hedges

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