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Yet more from old e’s… Portland Office 2 Portland Fish Pier, Suite 304 Portland, ME 04101 (207) 774-5019 Waterville Office 1 Silver Street Waterville, ME 04901 (207) 873-5713 Washington, DC Office 2162 Rayburn House Office Building Washington DC 20515 (202) 225-6116 Advertisements

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More salvage from old e’s… A growing group of experts and policymakers are warning that free trade negotiations could threaten the Dodd-Frank Act and other rules protecting against reckless behavior on Wall Street. The Administration claims there’s no way trade deals could threaten financial

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Many links to wade through and vett(sic)… Google Flea Markets in Ohio small vending outlets in Ohio Go To google page 5 or “grassroots progressive Democracy movements in U.S.”

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More salvage…

Elizabeth Sullivan <esullivan> Elizabeth Sullivan Opinion directorNortheast Ohio Media Group Tom Konecny Toledo Free Press tkonecny 419-823-1978 End Citizens United 1050 17th Street, NW Suite 590 Washington, DC 20036  

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Salvaged from old emails…

SEaton Hi Mr. Skalsky. This is Sabrina Eaton in the Plain Dealer’s DC Bureau. A guy named Richard Exner who now works at the division of our news outlet mentioned to me that several congressional candidate, including you, have

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One reason why Elizabeth Warren should be the next woman to run for President…

…and she’d clean Trumps vapid narcissistic clock if he runs again in 2020. Surely we’d collectively see clearly enough by then to run him out of office on any metaphorical rails such a landslide would give us, you know, “We

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Open source is a chapter all its own…

…and key to any hope for a true “b’D’diA” movement…googling Open Source Political Manifesto gives a lot of good results… The-Open-Source-Everything-Manifesto Buy the book: or preview at: A related website, maybe Steele’s: google political manifesto template

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Checking out some sites from yesterday’s post: The journalists who noticed where things might go this election season—like Alec MacGillis of ProPublica, Michael Moore, Salena Zito, formerly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and too few others—weren’t number crunching or aggregating. They were listening. It’s likely

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A couple more voter suppression links…

…close to home, too: [PDF]what’s at stake in ohio – WikiLeaks Since being elected in 2010, Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted has … election for Republicans by making it harder for eligible voters to cast their … decided

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Mission Accomplished- Google: voter suppression by Republican Secretaries of State in 2016 Presidential election…

…for myriad resources for that very important chapter in the story… things like: A quote from the above link that sums up a lot: “Rights groups say voter suppression was key” by Tony Pugh, McClatchy

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