On the “integrity of U.S. elections…

…given the unbelievable hubris of "the Donald" about whether he, as "(the) Master of the Universe, first Class" will or will not, as the one and only one who can rule on such things, accept losing on November 8th it is important to remember, through all the sanctimonious hand wringing and breast beating my mainstream dems and the corporate media about how our elections are too legit to question and the most exceptionally wonderful and true in all the Democratic world- a shining beacon on the hill for all the lesser lights to aspire toward… yada yada yada- it is important that those of us who see a need for a legitimate "pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America" movement- or Bernie’s "political revolution" not forget:

  • That our Democracy is in peril on many fronts- almost all related to the unrestrained power of highly concentrated and organized big money that dominates our Democratic processes up and down the ballot in Presidential years but probably more effectively and onerously in the less attentively followed off years, when their funding advantage is even greater and less noticed.
  • And of course, this is not new, but has only been made more blatant since 2010’s Citizen’s United and later the McCutcheon Supreme Court decisions which basically has further entrenched and galvanized the dog and pony shows that our Mainstream Corporate Media coverage of and elite sector productions of our Elections.

So remember these past cases:

  1. 2000 in all its hanging chad glory; recounts stopped by the brother of the future Sonnie Dybya Boy Prez…
  2. And perhaps even more egregious, the shenanigans in "The Heart of it All" in 2004. Google: Ohio’s election irregularities 2004 to access some interesting though almost completely ignored by the mainstream evidence and speculation, including:

And there’s plenty more to talk about when we talk about the integrity of our elections than that issue, and none of it has to do with the one time Boardwalk Bully hisself…

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