The need for independent Non corporate non “mainstream” media…

…for there to be any semblance of a “Free Press” or functioning Democracy…

A very good interview with Bernie his own self… , and a quote for today…

Through the work of millions of people, we created a Democratic platform which is far and away the most progressive platform in the history of the United States of America for any political party. Our job the day after the election—and hopefully after Clinton is elected—is to make sure that that platform is implemented.So what I would ask of young people is to turn off CNN. Let’s assume that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and you and everybody else are not perfect human beings, all right? Let’s take a look at the needs of ordinary people and which candidate will be better on that as president of the United States. On that approach, there is no debate to my mind that we should elect Clinton.

Posted in Media Issues- Net Neutrality

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