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You’ve Been Trumped (Too)

Documentary filmmaker Anthony Baxter made a movie a few years ago that Donald Trump tried to ban from the BBC. It’s a film about a Scottish village that rises up in protest against one of Trump’s luxury gulf courses. Trump’s people wanted to squash the story so badly they even had Baxter arrested while filming – with video camera in hand!

Now Baxter is making a sequel – and Trump must be freaking out. The film trailer, available on Kickstarter, has garnered thousands of views and nearly $35,000 in donations in just four days from hundreds of people, including Rosie O’Donnell. (She’s got plenty of good reasons to shame the Donald!)

Click here to check out the trailer and pitch in!

Baxter is crowd-funding the distribution of the film to cover post-production costs and underwrite the distribution of the film to as many voters in the USA before the election as possible. After a short theatrical debut the film will be available online for all to see, and hopefully folks across the country will watch it. If they do, it may be trouble for Trump…

Trump claims to want to take on the “Wall Street fat cats” (his own words), but we know that’s just talk. The media hangs on his every word, but this story shows just how far he’ll go to shut down a grandmother, a farm, and anybody else who stands in the way of him making money.

We want as many of the 99% to know what Trump’s really about, so please:

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