We need to counter this nonsensical deluge…

…with a quickly crowd and social media funded “pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” response entity with the goal of not just training activists in a general sense of the term but specifically to train and place on the ballot- up and down the ballot- “Citizen Candidates” whose campaigns and candidacies, win or lose, would become the organizing linchpins of a broad based movement towards a rapid and a fairly radically progressive reclaiming and resurgence of the social, economic, political, and cultural aspects to “our Democracy”… you know, the one that’s supposed to of, by and for the interests of all of us, of “We the people…” These monstrosities of dark money that have spawned their own “Trumpenstein” nightmare for them and us (but moreso for us) need to be fought tooth and nail, and I believe massive numbers of “Citizen Candidacies” all across the country might be one of the best weapons in doing that in an eventual successful manner. Stop these guys (this excerpt is from a Sherrod Brown email):

The Koch brothers are opening an academy. In doing so, they are “quietly preparing for a long war” with training programs “intended to groom the next generation of conservative activists,” according to The New York Times.
Imagine that. A whole generation of Koch brothers, using their spend-spend-spend strategy to win elections.

If you ask me, the two Kochs we have to deal with are two too many. We don’t need more.

But the Kochs are playing the long game, and we have to as well. Grassroots organizing is the single best way to organize against them.

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