Pro Democracy readings and a guitar lesson site…

So… I have had this book in a bookcase for a long time: Democracy and Elitism Two Essays with Selected Readings by Harry K. Girvetz, a professor, I believe at UCSB, home of the Gauchos. And also the scene of the best felafel street food experience I’ve ever enjoyed, way back in the 70’s, man.
Anyway, I had browsed and skimmed it lightly awhile ago and thought: “not critiquing the current system harshly enough” like say Chomsky does and moved on. But in getting back to it the other night I checked out the “Readings” chapter-essays and found all kinds of interesting stuff. some basic readings in “Democracy”. some by people and names I recognized, and many if not all worth reading as I am trying to really get my call for a “pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” movement with the things I put out there starting with this election cycle as a Citizen Candidate for Congress and continuing with a more serious in it to win it run two years down the line in 2018…
A prescient quote from Gaetano Mosca’s essay “The ruling Class”,:

In reality the dominion of an organized minority (IE the right wing ascendancy of the last 40+ years on behalf of the .1%ers) obeying a single impulse (the holy triumverate of modern extremist conservatism), over the unorganized majority (all us indigenous atomized bozos on this Neo Liberal Globalized bus) is inevitable. The power of any minority…

(continue the quotes later if desired… )

anyway, by the book at which usually gives you an ordered by total price host of sites to buy it from but in this case it is only available at:

Normally I give the google books link to a preview a book but there is no preview or ebook available. This is a good overall Democracy reader. Probably available in most decent public and university libraries.

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