New Media Possibility, Economics… Oh My…

Free download of Julia Cage’s Saving the Media Capitalism, Crowdfunding and Democracy

Another free download possibility from google drive:

From her website:

A long quote or short excerpt:

“Imagine a world where publications are controlled not by zillionaires or governments, but by readers, journalists, crowdfunders and other shareholders. A world in which news outlets offer a wide range of consistently reliable, informative news, and where content is not determined by the power of money.

Sounds utopian? French economist and Institute grantee Julia Cagé doesn’t think so.

In her new book, Saving the Media: Capitalism, Crowdfunding, and Democracy, Cagé examines what’s gone wrong with the media in Europe and the United States, how we got into this mess, and how a new business model could save a public resource essential to the functioning of democracy. She explores a media landscape in which the drive to entertain and cater to the affluent has crowded out quality and where plummeting ad revenue and destructive competition have created conditions that lead to laid-off employees and shuttered newsrooms. Cagé proposes instead a model firmly anchored in the notion that news is a public good that can revive our societies and enable us to debate the issues that will shape our collective destiny.”

Preview Julia Cage’s (sic) book at:,+Crowdfunding,+and+Democracy&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi39rfS2OHMAhUm1oMKHc-BBUoQuwUIKTAA#v=onepage&q=Saving%20the%20Media%3A%20Capitalism%2C%20Crowdfunding%2C%20and%20Democracy&f=false

or buy it at:

PDF of Julia Cage’s seminar also titled

Saving the Media: Capitalism, Crowdfunding, and Democracy is the blog of the “Institute for New Economic Thinking”.

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