Text of an email from Working Families…

George — Bernie Sanders won West Virginia last night!

A candidate who wants to end fossil fuel use won the presidential primary in coal country. The reason is simple: people across America share Bernie’s vision of economic and social equality. Like you, they want to live in a country in which everyone gets the chance for a decent life.

Now, that vision is catching fire in local, state and federal races. Just look at this Huffington Post headline about WFP-endorsed candidate Dave McTeague in Oregon:

Huffington Post: Bernie Sanders Inspired This Progressive To Challenge A Democratic Incumbent

Every vote for Bernie emboldens candidates like McTeague to declare their support for the values we share. That’s why we need to keep fighting.

Oregon and Kentucky go to the polls in less than a week. Can you contribute $3 to help Bernie and WFP get out the vote?

We’ve been mobilizing volunteers and getting out the vote in Oregon for Bernie and McTeague for the last few months through phonebanks, canvasses, and barnstorms across the state.

McTeague is taking on Rep. Kurt Schrader, who has "one of the most conservative records for a Democrat in the House."1 Last year, Schrader helped pave the way for the Trans-Pacific Partnership by voting to fast-track it through Congress — effectively giving up the ability for Congress to change it.

The political revolution has empowered Dave McTeague to run as a proud progressive candidate in spite of the challenge of unseating a four-term incumbent. He’s taking on the same bold stands as Bernie on issues like getting rid of money in politics and moving America onto renewable energy.

We have to keep strengthening the political revolution to show candidates they can run as a progressive and make a difference locally, statewide, and federally. Help usher in a political revolution nationwide. Donate $3 to WFP and Bernie Sanders now to help us win the Oregon primary.

Thank you,

Amanda Johnson
Working Families Party

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