Searchstorming best progressive Pro Democracy sites of all types…

I googled Best Progressive liberal Left Web Sites and Blogs with the idea that when I am ready to launch I will do an email to as many of them that I review and like and find contact information for. This will be part of what I try and do as part of finally making my “Call to the Politically Wild at Heart”. When I am ready to do this thing, this terrible thing, I will re-google it and also I will have compiled my own list as I go through all my own old stuff.
Note Well:Page two of the google search results offered some good sites too. What follows was just from page 1.

…Individuals, Writers, Bloggers, dot.orgs, Web presences of other kinds of media, etc. etc.. This is a list of 97 liberal blogs worth reviewing and sending an “Announcement” email to oncet I am, you know, showing up and producing with this phase and stage of things. An old 2009 list but still worth reviewing… A very good resource with many lists of links for all manner of things progressive. A list compiled by a right wing site… also old from 2009. from another rightist site.

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