From Michelle Alexander, author of…

…The New Jim Crow (This quote is from an MNBC interview with Chris Hayes)“Well, I am definitely endorsing the “Political Revolution.” I am reluctant to endorse any
candidate, any Democratic candidate, any candidate
in the current political system. I believe that we
need to think very seriously, particularly as folks
of color, and progressives about either building a
new party or a new movement that can hold the
Democratic party accountable or provide a
meaningful meaningful alternative. But I could not
be more thrilled with the movement that is rising
all over this country to support the creation of a
real democracy in the United States. You know, I
think Bernie Sanders is absolutely right to call
for a political revolution. We don’t have a real
democracy today. Our politicians are pretending to
serve two masters: the people who elect them and
then the people who fund them. Unfortunately, for
millions of people who cast their votes every year,
they rightfully wonder whether their politicians
are responding more to the people who fund their
campaigns, including large pharmaceutical
companies, big banks, payday lenders, private
prison companies, than the people who have elected

Posted in Black Lives and Race Matters; New Jim Crow; Mass Incarceration and the Private PIC

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