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Reversing secular stagnation means creating good jobs, lots of them. For that, we need to completely reverse the basis on which government now does business and go back to the guiding principles of FDR by completely erasing the horrors that Republicans have instituted in the name of Ronald Reagan, but at the direction and with the money of the Kochs and their enablers and enforcers.

It will take the tenacity of a leader with an ambitious vision, strong charisma, and dogged determination to see through revolutionary changes. This nation isn’t accustomed to overthrowing robber barons. The choices we have in front of us are more robber barons to lead us or either one of a neoliberal dynastic candidate and a democratic socialist visionary. Our choices are more oligarchy, middle of the road oligarchy, the continuation of the status quo with limited hopes, or complete change.

Hillary Clinton is the candidate of only going as far as legislators will take her, both in Congress and state houses. She is the candidates of states’ rights versus the rights of all Americans to have equal access to their rights: the right to earn a living wage, have healthcare, and receive an education without which there is no possibility of living a decent life.

That takes us back to the issues that were improperly settled at the end of the civil war, allowing states to oppress as they please. It’s about time, in 2016, that we said “no more!”

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