A better than usual Krugman column than the recent pro Hillary…

…and Bernie bashing, which has been hard to stomach but numerous of the commenters have made it worth while…http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/18/opinion/robber-baron-recessions.html?_r=0

Some excerpts from some of those commenters… many of whom should be contacted once I start to come out of my shell next time:

In so many ways, Hillary’s ties to mega-corporations temper her enthusiasm for measures that alleviate income & wealth inequality. Yet Bernie Sanders is the candidate you write (in a recent blogpost) that you “distrust.” You may be a world-class economist, but something doesn’t add up here.

The Constant Weader at http://www.RealityChex.com


is a trusted commenter Downtown Verona, NJ 1 day ago

America’s rigged ‘free-market’ monopoly/oligopoly system is working just fine for the cable, internet, cellphone service, healthcare, pharmaceutical and campaign bribery industries, all because the psychopathic cult of Greed Over People has reduced America to a 0.1% economic organ-harvesting racketeering syndicate and a CEO/lobbyist extortion exercise.

FROM https://www.newamerica.org/oti/the-cost-of-connectivity-2014/

The 2014 Cost of Connectivity report demonstrates that US customers pay more than those in Asia and Europe for comparable Internet service.

The average cost of plans in nearly every speed tier selected was higher in the US than in Europe

The most telling finding was that the few locally-owned (municipal and government) networks in America delivered better value to their customers when compared on a price-per-megabit basis to competing cable and telecom providers in their own cities.

Examples of locally/governmentally owned networks are Chattanooga, TN, Bristol, VA, and Lafayette, LA, with some of the fastest and most affordable high-speed residential products available in the country despite their low population densities.

The study found that US municipal broadband providers offer some of the fastest speeds available in the country at relatively affordable prices.

Prima facie evidence that America is a giant 0.1% rip-off scam.

Sounds like time for a political revolution, doesn’t it Professor ?

Feel the Bern (version 2.016)

Rima Regas

is a trusted commenter Mission Viejo, CA 1 day ago

“So lack of competition can contribute to “secular stagnation””

Well, well! I’m glad Professor Krugman follows Larry Summers in giving this vital topic the full op-ed treatment. I agree with the last statement in this op-ed, we are most definitely living in a second robber baron era. I disagree that the monopolies we now have, in all sectors of the economy (banking first and foremost) are chief contributors, rather than a symptom of the oligarchy we are now living in. http://wp.me/p2KJ3H-29L That makes Bill Clinton’s snark all the more infuriating. http://wp.me/p2KJ3H-2bS

With Congress having done next to nothing over the past four years, we have been living in an economy that is controlled exclusively by the .01%, with government exactly where Grover Norquist wanted it: small enough to asphyxiate in a bathtub. Without a real ability to end inversions, force corporations to invest at home, collect real taxes, we will see no real growth of jobs or increase in wages. There aren’t compelling reason for corporations to do what they should. Without real budgets, government agencies won’t be able to do what they were meant to.

That is why we need Bernie Sanders’ political revolution, rather than Hillary Clinton’s incrementally myopic aspirations (http://wp.me/p2KJ3H-2bS). Secular stagnation, the one we now live is 95% the product of money in politics and a slow death of democracy. What ails us can be fixed-only if we take back our country.

News roundup: http://wp.me/p2KJ3H-2bS

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