Citizen Candidacies that, among other things, host and convene “constitutional amendment conventions”(CAC’s)…

…in as many Congressional districts as possible by 2018 and hopefully all 435 of them in 2020 can and should be the goal of the "p’BD’Dia" movement and dovetails perfectly with Bernie’s "Political Revolution" candidacy and advocacy and is what a Grassroots campaign that starts now for another "real progressive" presidential candidate (Elizabeth Warren, perhaps???) in 2020 can be primed to bond with and coalesce around. *
This Book by retired Supreme Court Justice Hohn Paul Stevens: Six Amendments How and Why We Should Change the Constitution, is an excellent conversation starter about some amendment possibilities. My main interests are in amendments that would expand and protect the Democratic nature of our electioneering processes- but the CAC’s should be open to other issues. This could be like another "Bill of Rights" to address some very serious challenges to our ongoing efforts to "form a more perfect union".
Buy it for as little as $7.45 at:

or, check out the googlebooks preview at:

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