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Terrific essay on OIl… By Michael T. Klare, a TomDispatch regular, is a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College and the author, most recently, of The Race for What’s Left. A documentary movie version of his book Blood and

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More from Rima…

Reversing secular stagnation means creating good jobs, lots of them. For that, we need to completely reverse the basis on which government now does business and go back to the guiding principles of FDR by completely erasing the horrors that

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A better than usual Krugman column than the recent pro Hillary…

…and Bernie bashing, which has been hard to stomach but numerous of the commenters have made it worth while… Some excerpts from some of those commenters… many of whom should be contacted once I start to come out of my

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Resources on the Corporatization of the American University…

The Rise of the All-Administrative University by Benjamin Ginsberg…

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Some interesting Climate Science links…

First here is a link to Jorn Lomborg’s Web Site. He is the autho Cool It The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming By it for as low as $4.24 at: or, check out the googlebooks preview at:

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A publication not to be forgotten… which links to:

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relatively sparse coverage of “Democracy Spring” arrests but…

…there is some. Regarding Ed Abbey’s FBI file: “Man will not be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest!” The quote is from Diderot, but Abbey thinks it funnier to attribute the words

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Link to book by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens…

Buy it for as little as $7.45 at: or, check out the googlebooks preview at:

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On making the overall American economy more like Mississippis… Google: On making the overall American economy more like Mississippis

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Climate, Environment, Wilderness, and Earth Matters… The Climate Deception Dossiers: Internal Fossil Fuel Industry Memos Reveal Decades of Corporate Disinformation This report and an accompanying appendix containing the complete dossiers are available online (in PDF format) at http://www.ucsusa. org/decadesofdeception. The Center for Media and

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