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Karen Garcia

is a trusted commenter New Paltz, NY March 21, 2016Since the official embrace of ignorance has been a mainstay of right=wingery for more than 200 years, the GOP is simply following a grand old tradition. Their beef with Trump is that he wears his ignorance on his sleeve.

Lyin’ Ryan and his cohort, meanwhile, couldn’t survive without the complicity of the other big business party. Just last week, President Obama praised him for being a good husband, father and a patriot. He doesn’t often agree with him, of course, but he has no reason to doubt Ryan’s sincere concern for “folks.”

Obama (and the entire Establishment, it seems) are, however, chiding the young agitators who are disrupting Trump’s fascist rallies. What really scares them is bottom-up democracy, citizens who aren’t just consumers, and the inclusive message of Bernie Sanders.

They would prefer to work with nice family men like Ryan to quietly “trim” or “reform” social programs, while pouring trillions of dollars into permanent war and the surveillance state. Every extra crumb for the needy is offset by a reward for the rich. The slow destruction of the safety net and the funneling of all the wealth to the top 1% must be conducted calmly and efficiently.
Their Exceptional America is for the exceptional top 1%. They, who are so devoted to family: their own. They are true patriots, whose love for the corporate state trumps everything: particularly the “folks” they claim to represent.

Hear the duopoly roar: politely, seriously, invincibly.

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and this is an even better post/essay of Karen Garcia’s… so Seldom Scene or heard Carlos Slim is the largest “stakeholder” in the NYTimes corporate structure… and Bezos owns the Washington Post- and of course Rupert Murdoch probably likes pina colladas and also brings us the fairly yellow and unbalanced “journalism” of Fox and Fiends etc. etc..

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