Supreme Court meaning of course those villainous Koch Bros.

The Supreme Court’s interpretation of the federal regulations that provide the lifeblood for our environmental and labor laws became a matter of political ideology with the Rehnquist Court in the 1980’s, as more and more regulations governing labor and the environment were targeted by radical conservative judges spawned by organizations such as the Federalist Society, who eagerly spread a philosophy of pro-business activism nobly disguised as “judicial restraint.” Rehnquist’s own clerk, John Roberts, now Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, is a product of these anti-regulatory efforts (Roberts was also instrumental in conservatives’ decades-long battle to roll back voting rights for African Americans, a goal that dovetails perfectly with the Kochs’ desire to dominate state legislatures and the U.S. Congress to achieve their ends). The Court’s recent 5-4 ruling suspending the Administration’s efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions is simply the latest example of why the ideological balance of the Court is now of such critical importance.

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