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I remember when Nafta was being proposed.

I remember all the liberal arguments supporting cheap labor, also touted in the Times. Trickle-up economics. Those with low level skills and education would do the low level work, which would increase business, creating profits that would create new jobs for those with more education.

Instead, businesses either stockpiled profits of paid them out to executives and shareholders, while shipping jobs overseas or importing cheap labor.

MLChadwick (For Brian and Billy and other Beefy faced incredibly lucky white boys)

The social safety net is a type of insurance. We once were in the upper middle class. Then we had a baby with a disabling genetic disorder. The financial costs of caring for her were high… and once she became an adult her needs were far beyond what we could manage on our own, especially since we’d long been spending down our retirement funds.
We never imagined we’d one day be so very grateful for SSI, SSDI, food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and so on. We have always supported these programs because they contribute to public health and welfare… but they wound up also keeping our own daughter (now approaching 40) reasonably healthy, housed, and able to access medication, counseling, vocational services, and so on.
Bad things do happen to good people. A twist of fate can strike even the upper middle class, whether the disaster occurs to you yourself, your children, or to your grandchildren. The social safety net is not a giveaway to undeserving “others” who (horrors!) do not share your skin color, ethnic heritage, religion, or current economic good fortune. It’s an insurance policy the benefits of which just might accrue to YOU.


The Right’s “deep voodoo,” a rising, smoking pile since St. Reagan of the Tax Cuts, has sent us as a country running from the stench, holding our noses while the one percent points and laughs at the fraudulent disaster they’ve created. Hillary Rodham Clinton is their logical extension. Really, Dr. Krugman, I’m rather stunned that you can’t see that. She is the hedge fund queen, the numbers runner for Wall $treet, an undisguised banksta.

Misc Others:

You write that Bernie Sanders is “a candidate not ready for prime time”? Every one of the Daddy Warbucks in the GOTP is for lower taxes on the rich with a corresponding decrease in the services that government exists to provide–for all of us.

The rich are getting so much richer that Bernie Sanders sounds good, especially to the young.

Sanders brings a voice to the American political discourse that has been needed for a long time. Conservatives fight wars off the books… establishment Dems maintain the status quo… Sanders wants to fight poverty.

Whatever the economic issues are: the disastrous trade agreements, infrastructure investment, clean energy jobs, tuition-free public colleges, universal health care, growing the trade union movement, a Wall Street transaction tax and breaking up the big banks to curb excessive speculation, fair taxation for the very wealthy and large corporations, and on and on and on, Sanders positions are WAAAAAAY better than Clinton’s. Why? Clinton is beholden to big money interests and Sanders is not.

Sanders is a FDR Democrat and he will win this election because people are sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. You can be sure that Sanders will work hard to get big money out of politics, Clinton will not go against the system that has made Her and her husband multi-millionaires.

We’re at the fighting stage: “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” (From RLS Virginia

The American people are tired of economists like Paul Krugman who told us that “free trade” would bring better jobs to America. Gee, maybe they ought to tweak their models a bit.

John LeBaron

MA 1 hour ago

I am surprised to see Paul Krugman allow himself to become an agent for the stalled, uninspiring Hillary campaign on behalf of the status quo. When he writes that Bernie Sanders ought to “crack down on its tendency to lash out,” the irony turns into hypocrisy, losing any semblance of humor.

Sanders clearly sees what terminally ails this nation and proposes to do something about it. If we must label this “fairy dust” so be it. Give me fairy dust with a clear vision than no vision at all beyond “more of same.” The “same” needs a make-over. We’ve come a long way since 2009, but the core structure of our democratic rule remains badly broken.

Hillary will never even try to fix it.

jean wood

laurel delaware

Yes Bernie should have to explain how he is going to pay for what he proposes. But the US is the wealthiest nation on earth so paying for programs that are standard in most other industrialized countries should be easily achievable. Other than universal healthcare all other proposals have been done before in our past. Of course the top marginal tax rate back then was in the neighborhood of 90%. Did the wealthy disappear? No. Did we build a first rate highway system and offer an affordable college education to those who sought it? Yes. This isn’t rocket science and most Americans are starting to understand that.

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