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The Democratic establishment is doing the same thing as the Republican establishment. It is dictating to people rather than listening to them. It insults people while demanding they fall in line to vote.


When has any criticism of GOP voodoo economics ever had any effect whatsoever on conservatism, its media mouthpieces and its base? Really! The Right’s economics are belief-based; to paraphrase the old Southern statement of faith: “Limbaugh says it, I believe it, and that settles it”.
And it gets worse: rational debate just gets laughter and contempt from the Right, because it’s just more of bringing books to a knife fight.

The Left *should* try to hold fast to reality in this time of economic tornadoes, but it needs more that principled arguments, it needs punchy arguments that land solid hits to the jaw and gut of the Right

Robert Eller

On the other hand, Dr. Friedman’s work does point out many demonstrable advantages of Sanders’ program, particularly those of his single payer health care plan. Particularly, critics, especially in the Clinton campaign, point out the additional costs of Sanders single-payer plan, while neglecting the projected cost savings. We should certainly note that a dozen or more national single payer plans in the developed world demonstrate similar net cost structures, so in this regard, Dr. Friedman’s projections are reasonable, realistic and empirically supportable.

In matchups against individual GOP candidates, Bernie wins. He wins handily against Trump. Less handily against Rubio, but he still wins. In these same matchups, Hillary loses. (Rima Rigas

Joseph Huben

The New Deal faces Democratic criticism and apparently fails to measure up to the current analysis.
Universal health care costs about 50% less everywhere in the world, but here in America it will break the bank.
Glass Steagall worked just fine for 60 years, and forbidding consumer banks from becoming investment banks, but restoring it will not only destroy competitiveness in American banking, and will not prevent a worse crash than that in 2007?
A living wage is just not affordable?
Taxing speculation may have worked before but it can’t work today?
Restoring progressive taxes will harm “job creators”?
Rebuilding the infrastructure will cost too much and won’t create jobs?
We cannot expect Congress to agree to anything and electing Sanders will make Congress worse?
There really is no hope but to go along with the destruction of the middle class, the rich becoming richer and our children being condemned to growing poverty incentivized by disappearing food stamp programs.
Immigrants and Black Americans should never expect any change and women should resign their citizenship to acquiesce to fetal superiority.

Clinton needs to advocate for a public option, a living wage linked to inflation, breaking up the banks as advocated by Fed President from Minneapolis, raise taxes on all entities that hide money abroad, all speculation, and incomes that are derived from gambling, end all incentives to profitable businesses. Incentives for solar and wind generation.

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