Excellent points for the “Single Payer, Not For Profit, Universal Coverage” health Care chapters…

…these are excerpts from commenters on the 2/5/16 NYTimes Krugman column- AKA Kounterrevolutionary Krug- a nod to the old Black Panther disdainful dismissive of old Counterrevolutionary Cos, now better known as “Roofie Bill”… Commenters are identified when contactable…

Paul G Knox

Philadelphia, Pa 5 hours ago

We liberals supported the ACA because the prospect of doing nothing about our wasteful, bloated healthcare system that left millions of Americans without basic care was morally unacceptable. We also believed it was a step towards the fiscal sustainability and sanity of a single payer model.

We settled, we compromised , we were “realistic”. And we were promplty spat upon for adopting an extremely flawed, private health insurance model with Conservative origins.

The realists in this case are those who recognize the unsustainability and , frankly, the shameful moral failing of our current healthcare model , the ACA included.


is a trusted commenter Downtown Verona, NJ 4 hours ago

The Incredibly Shrinking Conscience of a Liberal…by Paul Krugman.

Let’s get back to basic economics, as you normally would have us all do…before Team Hillary got the best of you.

America – even with the ACA – still spends roughly 18% of its GDP on healthcare, a whopping 6% to 8% premium of the 10 – 12% of GDP that countries with highly effective single-payer/universal care programs pay.

That equates to an effective annual $1 trillion national healthcare surtax paid by Americans…except the surtax doesn’t go to the government, it goes to a few hundred health insurance companies, the pharmaceutical mafia, the hospital corporation mafia, a rainbow of smaller healthcare extorters and their lobbyist front men.

And as the disgraceful cherry on the proverbial cake of American healthcare system corruption, the quality of healthcare here is middling — excellent for many no doubt, but still incredibly expensive, intimidating and sticker-shock frightening to the majority of Americans.

Every other civilized country got real with their healthcare systems decades ago, except America.

I agree that we shouldn’t make the perfect the enemy of the good.

The 1984 Canada Health Act that financed single-payer was just 14 pages long.

The ACA was over 2000 pages long.

It’s obvious that America has taken a simple issue – healthcare – and ‘complicated’ it with exceptional American greed.

Get back to basic economics and liberalism, Mr. Krugman – your conscience will be waiting for you.


Midwest 3 hours ago

I know several people who didn’t go to the doctor for years due to their lack of insurance and low income. Now they qualify for subsidies and can get medical treatment. It’s a wonderful thing.

I know many others now who pay much more. Once my COBRA runs out, my family will be paying $1,000 per month with a $13,000 deductible for a bronze plan. Our household income is less than $100 K, so after this year, we won’t be able to afford to go to the doctor. That’s I’m angry. I don’t “hate” the fact that poor people can now go to the doctor. I hate the fact that I won’t be able to. I want single payer. I want what the politicians have. And yes, I’ll vote for Bernie Sanders on this issue alone.

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