Race, the “Southern Strategy”, and Misc links on Banksters, the Bailout, etc. etc.



Banksters and the “Stupid Economy” chapters… And ammunition for a “Student Loan Bailout” proposal or “platform plank”…








“The world is so lacquered over with tendentiousness and cliché that to see with one’s own eyes for even a moment requires much work.”

Which is a quote from a Marilynne RobinFont sizeson Writer’s Digest interview- I couldn’t find it at http://writersdigest.com/GeneralMenu/ but her writing is truly lyric poetic prose if I ever seen it and can heartily recommend Housekeeping as a must read of modern fiction. http://www.allbookstores.com/book/9780312424091/Housekeeping.html

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Russell Mokhiber, co-founder of SinglePayerAction.org




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The only thing in this piece I take exception to is the notion that we are “in peril” of losing our Democracy because of the situation as described. It is lost, and what is in peril at this particualr juncture is even the remote possibility of us, “We the people…” (whatever the exact percent of us left out of the Democratic mix) being able to reclaim and then actually retake control of our Nation, society, and economy through the Democratic institutions and processes that do still exist in this country for us to utilize to accomplish exactly that goal. But it will take more of a movement from the progressive Democratic people and organizations that are out there now and it will take much more organized, coordinated solidarity than has perhaps ever been mustered in all the historical annals of, dare I say, “the struggle”.




Whoa, Nellie, there’s more…


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