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Wall street landlords……heartening, isn’t it?

More from The Big Rent series:

A terrific Krugman comment from the time (4/28/14 ish) of the standoff over grazing rights and fees on public Western land…

Mr. Krugman begins with the same mistake about who owns the Lands Bundy is using, as do he and his supporters, among many others. Calling it "Government land" allows the opponents of big government to give support to Bundy and his ilk.

As I have stated previously, it is public land, administered by the government under the direction of congress. The national forests, the Mojave Desert Preserve, the National Parks, are public lands, owned by the citizens of the U.S. Utah Territory was gained in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the lands west of the Mississippi were bought from France, using public money from the treasury.

Secondly, and others have repeated this. Using armed resistance to a Federal Agency, action on a Federal Court order, is Insurrection. Aiding and abetting insurrection is no different.
"The Insurrection Act of 1807 is the set of laws that govern the ability of the President of the United States to deploy troops within the United States to put down lawlessness, insurrection and rebellion. The laws are chiefly contained in 10 U.S.C. § 331 – 10 U.S.C. § 335"

The perverted GOP free-dumb is an incoherent cocktail of Whites R Us welfare economics, ‘states rights’ (code for deregulation of voting, civil rights, birth control, income taxation, environmental law and representative government), gun anarchy, flag-waving and denial of facts, data and the scientific method.

American ‘conservatism’ – which no longer exists practically speaking – made a deal with religious wacko birds, gun nuts, and poorly educated whites a long time ago – we’ll cater to your medieval religious and rural ‘sensibilities’ every day of the year as long as you don’t notice we are robbing you, your paycheck, your retirement and your future blind with unregulated strip-mining of the 99%’s economic livelihood.

Has anyone heard a modern Republican speak extemporaneously at length in a sophisticated way ? That simply never happens.

Republicans have intentionally fostered outright stupidity by feigning the glory of ‘low’ taxes and ‘small government’, which are nothing more than unregulated anarchy and nihilism that destroy the basic American social contract of a good, well-funded public education, robust infrastructure and a balanced economy that serves all.

Cliven Bundy is GOP free-dumb – a God-fearing, flag-waving, gun-toting, racist and hypocritical welfare queen.

Mr. Bundy is the personification of a mythical individualism that is particularly common in the West. The "wild West" created a class of men who think their success in this rugged environment is entirely their own doing, when in fact the West is more dependent on federal largess than any section of the country. The West was acquired through federal treaty and war, settled through the federal Homestead Act, crossed on railroads built with federal financing, watered by massive irrigation projects built by federal engineers, and sustained by an economy dependent on federal defense spending and extracting at below-market value the natural resources that belong to us all.

A key difference between me and Bundy is that I believe that federal government is "We The People" who joined together to affect the common good in ways that we could not do alone. He thinks it is the enemy. In the recent events I gained an understanding of how we came to Civil War a hundred and fifty years ago.

Few notes:
1. Logging on a public land in the West is another example of taxpayers subsidizing private businesses and subsistence of many rightwingers working there.
2. Government "overreach" is the favorite term for anti-government wackos, yet they demand government to overreach in women’s health, minority affairs, etc.
3. The true face of American conservative movement, a mix of racism, ignorance and bigotry is showing as we speak….
4. Boy, I can’t understand why as many as 60 to 65% of Americans eligible to vote don’t vote in midterms. It is a disgrace!

Imagine if a group of armed EarthFirst activists were to threaten people working on the Keystone Pipeline, or a group of Muslims began building a cemetery at their mosque – but instead of attending court hearings, purchased arms and said they were defending their Constitutional rights. I very much doubt that law enforcement would retreat, as they did when armed militia members supporting Rancher Bundy committed actions that would be called "terrorism" if performed by, say, persons protesting a NATO summit.

"High Plains Moochers" Dr. Krugman? How about High Plains Terrorists? The seriousness of Cliven Bundy’s actions and those of the armed thugs parading around, guns drawn, is being overlooked by most of the media. He is a criminal, a corporate welfare cheat, a racist, and possibly a terrorist. His supporters, most certainly with his approval, pulled guns on federal law enforcement officers. They interfered with the execution of a federal court order and they threatened Bureau of Land Management officials while the officials were acting as agents of the Federal Government. Individuals or groups committing similar crimes would face serious consequences and long prison terms. Are we a nation of laws or a nation where gun toting thugs can go unpunished because they have the support of right-wing media and right wing politicians?

Change the location and players, and imagine what would have become of the snipers aiming weapons at law enforcement. Bundy’s band of insurrectionists is being handled with kid gloves, lending them credibility they do not deserve.

It probably didn’t fit here, but you might have mentioned that with the exception of Texas which receives slightly less in Federal spending than it pays in taxes, all of the reddest states, including the entirety of the mountain west receive more from the Federal government each year than they pay into the Treasury, in stark contrast to California, New York, Massachusetts and most of the other bluest states in which the financial situation with respect to the US government is reversed.

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