More from old E’s to me…

Matt Damon’s NSA soliloquy from Good Will Hunting, google it for current access…

And the European elite’s habit of disguising ideology as expertise, of pretending that what it wants to do is what must be done, has created a deficit of legitimacy. The elite’s influence rests on the presumption of superior expertise; when those claims of expertise are proved hollow, it has nothing to fall back on.

-Krugman, on Auterity and the Like-

Link to Koch Borthers Exposed film:

Connect the dots with hedge fund buyups of housing stock…
…with this article

If they raise rates right after the hedge funds and bank buy ins to dominate single family rental housing- partly because banks wouldn’t lend to people to buy when prices were low- "too risky" if not the "most qualified borrowers" which allowed the banks and hedges to buy everything in sight when prices were super low and even though that has driven up prices somewhat it’s now going to be that prices are up interest is up, and renters are at the mercy of rapacious landlords for profit from Wall Street. And rents are skyrocketing. But all these folks who are less than "most qualified" still cant borrow to buy their way out of rental servitude- unless at much higher interest rates than when they couldn’t qualify at all at more affordable prices- or for a better house than they can now approach buying. If they can at all.

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