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An Early email from Bernie Sanders:

This country faces enormous economic and political challenges. At a time when the wealthiest people and largest corporations are doing phenomenally well, most Americans are working longer hours for lower wages and median family income has fallen by $5,000 since 1999.

Politically, more and more Americans are giving up on the political process — with the voter turnout in the recent midterm elections being the lowest since 1942. But, while young people and working people don’t vote, the Koch Brothers and others in the billionaire class spend huge sums to elect candidates who will represent their interests.

What do we do? Well, we can give up — and many people are. Or, we can fight back — which is what I propose.

That’s why I’m joining with the members of Progressives United to send a clear message to President Obama that we will stand with him when he vetoes Republican legislation that attacks the well-being of the struggling middle class.

Join me and members of Progressives United to urge the president to VETO any Republican legislation that attacks working families.

NO to cuts in Social Security. NO to cuts in Medicaid. NO to converting Medicare into a voucher program. NO to new trade legislation that sends our jobs overseas and hammers our middle-class workers. NO to cuts to nutrition programs, education, or environmental protection.

YES to raising the minimum wage. YES to a massive jobs program rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. YES to transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels. YES to pay equity for women workers. YES to overturningCitizens United.

We already know what “compromise” will mean from a Republican Congress: their way or the highway. In order to win in the future, President Obama must stand strong for the American middle class, and we must support him.

We already know what compromise will mean from this Republican Congress: their way or the highway. In order to win in the future, President Obama must shut them down starting now.

Tell President Obama: Standing firm is the only option, and that means committing to VETO legislation that attacks working families, and fighting for legislation that defends their needs.

In the remaining two years of the Obama presidency, Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner will do absolutely nothing for anyone except their primary constituencies: Wall Street and America’s wealthiest.

To combat the billionaire class’s political power and influence, please join me in making it clear to the president that he must support government that works for all people, and not just corporations and the wealthiest among us.

Thanks for uniting as a progressive,

Bernie Sanders
U.S. Senator

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