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What follows are some culled comments on Paul Krugman’a Essay http://www.nytimes.com/2012/02/13/opinion/krugman-severe-conservative-syndrome.html?_r=1&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss#commentsContainer which was excellent. HIs Commenters seem like a good group to begin the experiment with- and for me to develop my approach by starting to contact and attempt to communicate with.

So here is the culled material…


A Sara Robinson article:




Having won the House — overwhelmingly — in 2010, the Republican revanchists basically control our government. They have transformed our judiciary. At the same time, they have yanked our dimwitted mainstream media so far to the right that the national punditry treats seriously a party that doesn’t believe in evolution. The fact that Republican orthodoxy is insane probably won’t prevent voters from turning over the Senate this year, and possibly the Presidency. So I’m not sure where the party has created problems for itself. The Republican elite, the wealthiest and most cynical people on earth, is prospering.

o Indeed, the Republican party has become an unholy alliance of the immoral rich and the racist. The former use their wealth to race bait in the media in order to incite the latter. It is a toxic mixture reminiscent of the right wing movements of the 30s.

. Jim DeMint’s comment makes it clear:

”Our goal is a complete gridlock for the next two years. There is no place for bi-partisanship, compromise, only acceptable outcome is total victory and any politician that disagrees will be treated as a traitor. This is war.”

another unfunded republican war …


The Republican party made a major tactical error in not slapping down the tea party Republicans after the 2010 election cycle. In fact, the tea party effort was nurtured by politicians, especially former House majority leader Dick Armey of Texas. It is safe to say that they thought they could harness the boiling anger of older, grass roots voters who didn’t understand much about the financial crisis that hit full force in 2008, but hated every part they saw. Instead, the beast Armey, the Koch brothers and Karl Rove helped give birth to has now turned on them in the form as a chorus line of unqualified candidates that embarrasses themselves regularly, on cue.

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