For the It’s the Stupid Economy chapters…

I have had the blood spilt discussion since Freshman year at OU, by one of the earliest guys to influence my radicalized journey through this sweet old world- and I am convinced the real Democratic revolution that needs to take place needs to start or at least go along peacefully from right hear at the HQ now of the ongoing Western Imperial Empire. The Occupy Movement and the Internet activism and good writing and people all over the place convince me the foment is there, we just need a littel better coordination and efficient use of lesser funding, to, like, combat the Koch Brothers et. al..–_the_1_at_its_very_worst/

Great read. There it is. Your gut knows the truth of it, the math and history makes sense, and we both know that blood will spill before rational and appropriate changes are made. May I recommend a bong load and a trip to the redwoods?


progressive Democracy solidarity in US×215/

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