Consequences of Dark Money…

…Much focus on a few big names, but the billionaires boys club has more than just a couple two tree members- usually one or two per state. They have already had an effect so profound and deep that is nothing short of a “Money Coup” that has subverted the Democracy in this country almost immeasurably for most of us indigenous bozos careening wildly toward who knows where on their bus. And not even wearing seat belts. The money that might have gone for seat belts went for golden parachutes. Not for them in the BBC- they’re just fine, thank you. For their trusted kneepad torrie loyal operatives, wherever in the public, private, or defense sectors they may be serving their patrons.

Still, attention should be paid to the specifics, and their shenanigans must needs be exposed…

‘The Opposition: Understanding Their Strategy and Infrastructure’

The Koch network’s interest in intelligence on the inner workings of the left was revealed by a secret audio recording of a panel at a June 2014 closed-door donor gathering at the tony St. Regis hotel in Dana Point, Calif. The session, called “The Opposition: Understanding Their Strategy and Infrastructure,” focused on the group that the Kochs’ inner circle regards as the Rosetta stone for figuring out, and ultimately neutralizing, the big-money left ― the Democracy Alliance.

The group, which is meeting this week in Washington, D.C., is a club of wealthy liberal donors and influential operatives. Since its creation in 2005, the DA, as the club is known, has steered more than $500 million to endorsed groups supporting Democratic politicians and liberal causes like fighting carbon emissions, income inequality and the role of money in politics, while expanding voter access, abortion rights and gay rights.

As a fundraising vehicle, it’s the closest thing on the left to a mirror image of the Kochs’ operation, though the cash raised by the Koch network in recent years has far eclipsed the amount credited to the DA. Donors to both networks write huge and mostly untraceable checks to a collection of endorsed for-profit companies and non-profit groups registered under sections of the tax code ― 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 ― that do not require the disclosure of donors’ identities.

The lefts opposition to the above type of funding:

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