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Blogging to myself and feeling still somewhat willy, oops, a Freudian slip that quickly, meant to say silly- thinking about the naturally poetic alliteration right from jump street made me get the big head and take my eye off the ball. Fact is, I am worried about putting myself out there to an audience eventhough I don’t really have one yet and may never. But it is important that I start creating the content and then worry about developing a readership, audience, followers- hey, whatever, man…

So I will just read and react and link to stuff as I get into this book Tweeting for Good and see if I can’t really get this whole thing started, finally. I am feeling a little better physically, again, finally, and this needs to just finally take off. I really can do this… And I could even, perhaps, have it be something that leads to me being more O.K. with myself here in this world, in this life- on many levels, practical finances included but running much deeper than that to the spiritual and psychic. So I just say: "Come on with it then, Ali…" and finally wade right in.

As for the shyness about letting anyone (in particular- those people who I have known in my life that I want to share what I am doing now… for a variety of motives and reasons) and everyone: the larger Gaiea world of the generic potential Web audience and fellow citizen group that I direct this call of mine out to, who I am a little suspicious of… to the people and organizations that I find that I directly contact to bring their attention to my "Call" and efforts- it’s kind of like I’m my own worst Gatekeeper with and in relation to all of these potential readers. And of course, there is the ultimate fear that my "work", or writing, just isn’t good enough. Or that I will never find or earn an audience. That it’s all in vain. Well, I need to show up and produce finally anyway. So here goes.


check out and tweet @randomdeanna Deanna Zandt and author of Share This…

and already one person to contact as I am doing this…

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