Some links on a “New Labor Movement”…

…which needs to be more wide ranging and a part of an overall political coalition-movement-party that stands up and asserts a broad based progressive Democracy awakening.

I would hope they’d see their way clear to back a strong progressive news media – as has been done by unions in many other countries – rather than continue status quo ante in this arena.

This is a link to Gar Alpowitz’s work in pdf form

PDF]America Beyond Capitalism: Reclaiming Our … – e-journals

rebuilding Democracy with a big D in the system as a whole. How, as …. [T]hose who dismiss the pro-affluent movement of these past years as a tempo-.

Charles Lindblom, concludes his prizewinning book Politics and Markets with this judgment: “The large private corporation fits oddly into democratic theory and vision. Indeed, it does not fit.”

If corporate capitalism . . . appears unable to sustain equality, liberty, and democracy, is there any conceivable, logically coherent way forward?

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