A necessary Chapter ignored so far: “Climate” as it relates to our need for a “p’BD’DiA” movement…

Of course, the climate deniers are at the forefront of the subversion of our, that is to say, "We the people’s…" Democracy. It seems as though the Democratic "rights" of the billionaire class include the right to use their ridiculous level of over privilege and greedy wealth hording… made more and more legal through their ownership of the entire Republican Party, most of the co-opted Republican Light DNC addled Democratic Party, and the fully funded wack job Tea Party extremists… to completely hijack, neuter, and make moot the Democratic rights of all the rest of us. It is a virtual, as well as "bricks and mortar" money coup, or, if you are willing to give nod out to Thomas Pikkety, a "Coup D’argent".Anyway, a good site for reference and research for the Climate Chapter, with all the cross referencing that will have to all the other subversions that go into the "work" or the radical right and their boss funders:

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