For the “Single Payer Universal Health Care For Everyone” chapter…

From Krugman commenter:

Medicare for All (John Conyers’ HR 676) is getting well-deserved new attention through the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. Not only would it cover everybody from cradle to grave with medical, dental, mental health care and drug therapies, it would actually save as much as a trillion dollars a year. From “consumers” who must now enter a fraught health care lottery every year in order to enrich the increasingly consolidated insurance industry, we’d be able join the rest of the civilized world in defining health care as a basic human right.

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A nice piece explaining the myopic wonderfulness of the “folks of means” position on things…

The roots of both Obama and Mitch Romney “care” lie rooted in a right wing think tank, and it’s what supposedly, in a back room “negotiation”, the Insurance Industry let the Obama “team” know they would “allow”- and then of course fight any aspects of that cost them rather than made them any new and better profits:

Besides, history often has a sense of humor, since not only is Romney having to deny his signature achievement (based on common sense, logic and reality) but the whole thing is originally a Heritage Foundation plan from 1989:…

supported by Rick Santorum, Newtie Gingrich, Bush 43, Bob Dole, Orrin Hatch, and on and on. -quoting Krugman commenter R.Law from Texas-

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