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Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 11:17 AM.

Blog to self… so the Elie Wiesel reading was germane to our discussion. How do we bring the tyranny of the Global Corporate fascist leaning usurpers of our Democracy to light? It’s there, obvious to the eye on some levels but usually not, at least for Westerners who are, even if opposed protestors or outright resistors, still tacit beneficiaries of the profoundly flawed and unsustainable “New World Order” that the various oligarchic fiefdoms keep sustaining by all means that there resource advantage over all the rest of us continues to make available to them and their various mercenary staffers.

Continually trying to connect all the dots is paramount. “Only connect…” as the late and great John Lincks implored me- quite awhile gone by now.



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