Original content responding to the Atlantic article…

http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/10/did-george-w-bush-do-all-he-could-to-prevent-911/411175/that I got from Mr. Lou V. and might well have been tweeted by Trump…

Nice review of the literature that was certainly “out there” on the progressive non main stream media during the run up to the totally ill conceived Iraq war. Wolfowitz was always the one I wanted to box most. I’d a punished him like I punished S. in my backyard. Bush himself scared me a little- always working out so much and taking so much vacation time to really get cut and buff and shit. What idiots the Neocons really are, but richer idiots for being incessantly at the tit of the biggest trough of them all: Ike’s (by way of C. Wright Mills grad student speech writer who actually coined the term) MIC. Maybe the reactionary nightmare right wing pendulum swing has finally reached its apex or nadir now, and we will have a chicken in every pot and a Model T in every driveway. I think it’s remarkable that not one higher up of the Bushie Two inner circle has been prosecuted for invading Iraq on trumped up charges. Even moreso than no bankster doing time and the too big to fail banks being even bigger now than before the meltdown.

And as Mr. V. says: “Trump is best Trojan Horse in
recent political history.”

And: “by the way Mills (Power Elite) echoed (actually stole) the anti fascist thinking from some French writer guy in the military-industry vein, but the actual phrase was originated (coined) by Ike’s speech writers.”

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