Major OC on what a “p’BD’DiA” movement needs to be about…

What all of us who are opposed to the effects of this fundamental "elephant at the dinner table" (grotesquely unequal distribution of wealth, opportunity, political clout- nay, representation at all, access to a self actualized life… et. al. ad infinitum) need to do is connect the dots and realize that the current structure of our Democracy is broken. Tinkering around with trying to fix the current two party nightmare of bipartisan gridlock, constant fundraising, and Congressional incumbency fiefdoms of smarmy fauz patriotism is a waste of time and sure to provide too little change too late to make a meaningful difference with regard to the path we are on to our collective future. The structure of our Free Marketeer Fundamentalist corporate globalist oligarchy is gamed, rigged, and or techno gizmo tilted to do the bidding of that upper .1% and their well compensated Wall Street glorified pool and cabana boys and girls of the rest of the top 2-3%.

We need to build a different model to challenge all of that: peacefully, Democratically, and in solidarity with the ongoing struggles everywhere for freedom and equality which this Nation used to be a beacon. And that begins with connecting the dots: Too much money in politics, republican (big money) repression of Democracy and the vote of many throughout this new century, A Supreme Court that basically installs a President by suppressing a recount in Florida, that same Court tells us that Corporations are people with all the rights of citizenship- including the right to subvert our Democracy completely with unlimited secret donor money that makes the crimes of Jack whats his nme and the bug killer from Texas seem like child’s play.

Such a "new Model" needs to start with a movement that builds off the energy of OWS and moves to an ongoing organizational structure that starts with the core chore and challenge of organizing the citizens of this country to Amend the Constitution with regards to:

  • Money in Politics;
  • Elections and electioneering law;
  • The legal oligarchy of the "Two Party" system;
  • The Electoral College;
  • Saying no to Citizens United and addressing The Status of Corporations as Citizens and the need to rethink Corporate Charters and Law along with the need to have private money making entities out of politics altogether…

And so on and so on…

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