New Chapter: Recommended “pBDDiA” friendly publications, books, writers, sites, and Dot.orgs…

This Chapter will be a sort of an appendix of all the “stuff” I have come across and saved in the time I’ve been doing my research… this particular post will be to some “Name” magazines that have at least somewhat of a national readership and that I tend to look at for pro Democracy in America content. This site and this particular page allow you to see a lot of issues and what’s in them but to actually read articles they want you to subscribe… I lucked out on a few articles in the more current issues. Anyway, it’s $18 for a year of digital access and that includes 10 years of back issue archives- not a bad deal. Is an all time fave. Quality writing, radical, reasoned… is one of the best. sort of a compiler of content type of mag- at least that’s how I remember it from days gone by….

And the Nation and Harpers, of course and occasionally…

As I do my own vetting, searching, and compiling I’m sure all of these will be seen again, linked to again, and contacted- or at least the writers of whatever content I find that is inspiring, informative, and or relevant.

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