Outline to self on “work to get going on…

I have to edit all my stuff that is in all my files, all the old web Sites, and all the earlier Blogs and Twitter account. And emails. That is a lot to go through but as I edit it this time I will be doing the actual real world start up crap simultaneously.

And, better still, I will be editing and organizing all of it as I go into copious content that will find its way into all sorts of venues which include, buare not necessarily limited to:

  • Various blogs related to all the so called creative work I want to be doing from here as I start producing;
  • The main Web Site or two, which will focus on:
    • The activist organizing framework I am proposing and in fact then going to start trying to build in the, you know, real world… and this will be a central archive for all the best and worthy work that is done anywhere else I publish or produce content. It will include:
      • The main proposals that make up the platform and agenda along with the initial call for organizing efforts to start building toward achieving these goals and such in the, you know, real world…
      • The central fundraising on the Web Efforts along with the communications or records of the creation of the various legal structures that will be necessary to be doing the kinds of things that this kind of Movement or whatever would need to do, IE.:
        • Fundraising and Development so that people, starting with me but hopefully growing quickly to add many other boots on the ground others in various roles and positions can be employed and working and helping to continue entrepreneurially to grow more and more of that sort of thing to make the proposed changes of priorities, policy, and social, cultural and economic- as well as political- and all around Democratic and personal outcomes within all of those criteria, possible.
        • Political Action Committee; in order to support all kinds of progressive citizen candidates and organizations as much as possible;
        • Think tank and educational outreach entity for the new policy formation, advocacy, and promotion;
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