Original content for the “Call” for a “Pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America Movement” Chapter…

We have crises to the left of us and, more to the crux of the matter, an ongoing and worsening crisis or two to the right of most of us. It is not coincidence that hardly anyone in Washington, and certainly very few of "our" elected Representatives, are paying much attention to the concerns or plight of many of us who make up the bulk of, you know, "We the people.."

The interests of the vast majority are and have been co-opted by the interests of overly concentrated oligarchic capital and a worsening vastly unequal distribution of wealth, opportunity, and of course, outcomes throughout our society and political economy.

Just like "the rich and poor"- this reality has pretty much always been "among us"… dating back to the earliest debates at our Nation’s founding about what the nature of our Democracy should be, and how much pesky interference the needs or wishes of the mobbish rabble should be aloud to intrude on the actions and interests of the Hamiltonian and well propertied folks of means at the elite levels of the Colonies at the time the British were relieved of control of this particular part of their Colonial empire.

But now we have a different kind of empire and a new brand of Colonialism that is at the heart of the matter. Our very Democracy is in gravely at risk because of the inordinate influence of money in our Campaign Finance and electioneering systems. Again, this has always been an issue and a challenge to the Democratic process. But since Citizens United it seems to be more onerously evident and roguishly out of control than ever.

In the midst of the worst economic crisis in most of our lifetimes and certainly since the Great Depression- and only two years after the audacity of Obama’s ascendency of "Yes we can hope…"- the purportedly dead Republican Party has come back in zombie fashion to continue their shuffling and shambling leadership toward their nightmarish reality of Ayn Randian styled socialism for the rich and tough market based realities and austerity for all the rest of us more or less indigenous bozos on their careening out of control Neo Liberal Globalization bus. Those pesky job creating scamps…

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