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* Volume 5 no 11/111 2001 Current and back issues available

Article about “The Doomslayer” Julian Simon

of “When corporations rule the world”

ey ideas u We have been seduced by ‘corporate libertarianism’, which demands that all political, economic and civic barriers to the free rein of corporate interests be removed. u The result of this unhealthy power in corporate hands is ecological destruction, the loss of civil freedoms, the erosion of democracy and community disintegration. u Although the current corporate globalisation represents a failure of governments, it is more fundamentally a failure of the global capitalist economic system. u Instead, we should be striving for ‘democratic pluralism’, which requires a ‘pragmatic, institutional balance between the forces of government, market, and civic society’. u We are on the cusp of an Ecological Revolution, which puts people ahead of corporations, local communities ahead of global trade, and nature ahead of money.

From the book • This is a crisis of governance born of a convergence of ideological, political, and technological forces behind a process of economic globalization that is shifting power away from governments responsible for the public good and toward a handful of corporations and financial institutions driven by a single imperative – the quest for short-term financial gain. • A globalized economic system delinked from place has an inherent bias in favour of the large, the global, the competitive, the resource-extractive, the shortterm, and the wants of those with money. • We are now coming to see that economic globalization has come at a heavy price . . . The threefold crisis of deepening poverty, environmental destruction, and social disintegration manifests this dysfunction. • The task ahead is to transform a world ruled by corporations dedicated to the love of money to a world ruled by people dedicated to the love of life. • Millions of people around the world are awakening, as if from a deep trance, to the beauty, joy, and meaning of life . . . demanding a restoration of democracy, an end to corporate rule, and respect for the needs of all people and other living being

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