Gleaned from old emails to me, mostly…

“When parents put their kids in front of television sets, it was like locking them in the basement alone. When they turned parenting duties over to computers, it’s as if they threw away the basement keys…” -paraphrasing Robert Bly from his book The Sibling Society-

…whether for a job or just people to contact and share my ideas for a “pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” movement: This is a site worth exploring…,_america’s_real_foreign_policy/

A daly kos transcript of an FDR speech or Fireside Chat…

Fundraising stes and info:
…for the pBDDiA movement,,,, so: why not these folks?

Review this when critiquing Democratic BS: by Michael Brenner

…Breakdown of dark money spent on 2014 General Election…getsalotof info

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