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An article on state based single payer ehalth care… “progressives are waiting to be asked to do something big”

The radicalness of the Republican agenda is evident not only at the federal and state levels, but is also shown with the efforts of Republican Governors to usurp authority from local governments.

Perhaps the most egregious example of this is the new Emergency Manager law that Michigan Gov. Snyder and the Republican state legislature passed recently. That law provides that if the Governor determines that a city, town or even school district is in financial jeopardy the state may dismantle the entire entity, dissolving locally elected government. In addition, the state would have the same powers with regards to schools, dismissing school board members, and taking over any and all schools in a district.

Under the terms of the legislation, corporations can be appointed and paid to take control and assume management of these disbanded cities, towns and school districts, selling assets, closing schools and eliminating all employee agreements. All collective bargaining can be dissolved, but even more than that, the mayors, city councils and local school boards that have been elected by the people will lose all control. They could be fired. In addition, police forces and prisons may be privatized under the law. In essence, Michigan’s locally elected governments will serve at the pleasure of the governor, not the people who elected them.

Gov. Snyder is wasting no time using the authority under this radical law. In fact, the law is already being used in cities like Pontiac, Benton Harbor, and Ecorse to lay off police officers, and just last week it was used to disband the city council in Benton Harbor. And, unfortunately, the Emergency Manager Law concept is spreading, with Wisconsin’s out-of-control Gov. Scott Walker preparing to propose his own version.

The Emergency Manager Law is yet another example of how conservatives are taking advantage of the fiscal problems that their own policies created. Conservatives are the ones who pushed unaffordable tax cuts for the wealthy elite, launched unnecessary wars based on lies, and carried out the deregulation wave that allowed the financial and housing market collapses to occur. These policies all created the budget deficits that the federal, state, and local governments face. Yet, instead of letting Democrats once again clean up the conservatives’ mess, conservatives are now trying to capitalize on that mess to radically remake society into a Galtian nightmare. The situation could be considered absurd if it were not so serious.

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