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google Mary Burke former candidate for governor of ‘Sconsin…

Thomas Frank is a Salon politics and culture columnist. His many books include “What’s The Matter With Kansas,” “Pity the Billionaire” and “One Market Under God.” He is the founding editor of The Baffler magazine.

His article is a very interesting read comparing the 70’s and Jimmy Carter to current times and Obama. might be of interest… articles:

Hi George,

Thank you for letting us know! I’ll look for your update. I also recommend you post about it in our Facebook group so others can participate:

Thanks for being with us,


rachel perkins

I wrote to them on7/8/14:

Dear folks at…
I am planning to launch a “pro Democracy in America” blog that
will call for just that. As soon as I have the blog up and semi functional
I will contact y’all again and certainly link to you for any help that
might give to your specific goals and agenda. A true broad based
pro-Democracy movement in this country is what is needed, and I daresay,
all that can possibly succeed, in restoring the promise and practice of
what big money has so thoroughly corrupted in our country. Not just the
Congress- but all levels of “our Democracy- from school boards to state
legislatures to governorships etc.etc.. Not to mention the stranglehold
that far too much wealth in the hands of far too few has wrought on our
economy. We have de-evolved in this country over the now three and a half
decade long “pendulum swing to the right” to socialism for the rich- and
tough (not so) free market consequences for all the rest of us. I look
forward, in the very near future, to share my work with you along with
supporting and linking to yours.

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