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New Chapter: Recommended “pBDDiA” friendly publications, books, writers, sites, and Dot.orgs…

This Chapter will be a sort of an appendix of all the “stuff” I have come across and saved in the time I’ve been doing my research… this particular post will be to some “Name” magazines that have at least

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This is an article be the guy I was reading the night before 9/11…

…William Greider was the guy and his book was Fortress America which was a really great work on the MIC spending cuts and impacts from that in the Clinton and “post cold war” era… This is an article about

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For the “Failures of the Modern Two Party Duopoly” Chapter(s)…

A quote from the link and book linked to below: In the pages that follow, we identify two overriding sources of dysfunction. The first is the serious mismatch between the political parties, which have become as vehemently adversarial as parliamentary

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Education chapter links and comments… This is a very good article on CRPE by Sarah Lahm- although this link only lets you read part of the article… Her blog is: A great article about Ohio’s charter school situation and our “Favorite Son’s”

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Militarization of Police Forces in U.S.- a new chapter… links to a book by David C. Couper titled Arrested Development there is no googlebooks preview. A quote from Greenwald’s article: In June, the ACLU published a crucial 96-page report on this problem, entitled “War Comes Home: The

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Energy Democracy links…

…for the new chapter- these and many other interesting links can be found by googling “Energy Democracy”

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Some info and links on “Energy Democracy”… Another Chapter, Related to climate Change and much more And googling “Energy Democracy” should get good results…

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What to google, what to google…

reclaiming American democracy gets a lot of kindred types, I think… Notes on “Why Labor Moved Left” Such changes have left radicals inside the unions with little room for critical distance between themselves and union leaders who are struggling for

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A new Labor Movement… as part of the New Pro Democracy movement…

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Mined links from long ago and far away… Google our democracy first … it gets lots of stuff, not my old blogsot blog though. Pre Obamacare listings of contributions from health industries to legislators… Uncle Yoge’s obit from Wooster paper This person

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