For the it’s the stupid economy chapters…

It’s the Federal Reserve Board. They’re meeting this week, and believe it or not, some members of the Fed think the economy is so great now that it’s time to raise interest rates. Which is good news for bankers, and bad news for everyone who works for a living — or is still looking.

While the Fed is having their meeting, we’ll be having one of our own — same place, same time! Together with our progressive allies, we’re bringing workers and over 100,000 signatures to the Fed’s doorstep to tell them that the recovery is FAR from over.

Make sure your voice is heard this Thursday. Add your name to tell the Federal Reserve: Don’t raise interest rates while many Americans are struggling!

The financial meltdown was caused by unregulated greeda and now those same delinquents are back on top. But those of us who are struggling with student loans, mortgages, or simply putting food on the table? Not a chance.

If the Fed raises interest rates, more money will go in the pocket of bankers instead of the people. There will be fewer jobs at a time when thousands of people are STILL out of work from the recession — and lower wages for the lucky ones who can find employment.

Interest rates should stay the same until working families are back on their feet. Please help send a message to the Federal Reserve: Don’t raise interest rates!

Thanks for all you do,

Dan Cantor
National Director
Working Families Party

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