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More for the chapters… but I got to just generate my own content… Advertisements

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email gleanings… And links to material for various chapters of the “Fat Masterpiece”… for the Dept. of Peace chapter… “Though no viewer would know it from that night’s debate, all across the region — from Yemen to Syria to Iraq — U.S. arms are fueling conflicts and turning the living into the

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A great piece for the “Neocon Nutjob” chapter…,_the_neoconservative_empire_returns/

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For the Campaign finance and electioneering law Reform and Constitutional Amendment Chapters…

googling End Citizens United Research Fund gets a veritable plethora of good resource material… and also shows the hopeless hodgepodge of entities out there fundraising against much better funded opposition on the right in a piecemeal and pretty ineffectual manner.

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For the it’s the stupid economy chapters… It’s the Federal Reserve Board. They’re meeting this week, and believe it or not, some members of the Fed think the economy is so great now that it’s time to raise interest rates. Which is

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More Koch Bros. spending for their Ayn Randian nightmare… and, for Democracy and the Food supply: An article that tells how the Alliance “is clearly being structured to serve big business interests, not to address the climate crisis,” the coalition said.… “Climate-smart agriculture will serve as

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For the energy oligarchs and climate change chapters… a great article on fracking, with some interesting cross referencing to the Koch Bros. boy in ‘Sconsin- who may get brought down a peg on Nov. 4th but I am sure a late ad blitz is in the works

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For “Democracy and the Food Supply”…

Leah Douglas is a New York-based writer, whose work has appeared in Serious Eats and on Smothsonian’s Food and Think blog, among others. This is a quote from a article she wrote, that I do not have the link

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More links from old emails… “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?” – Matthew 16:26. If we want a nation of truly noble character, then we want every citizen to have

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From the email archives… “The Big Bang Theory” The Werewolf Transformation (TV Episode 2012) sheldon playing bongos Krugman on Climate Many good and quotable Readers Picks comments on the above column. Great Nader piece with these quotes:

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