Nothing about this should be surprising, but it still helps explain the title of the “It’s The Stupid Economy” chapter… representative quote:

Environmental, labor, food safety, public health, and digital rights groups oppose Fast Track on the grounds that it forces Congress to abdicate its policy-making responsibility while greasing the skids for secretly negotiated, corporate-friendly, rights-trampling trade pacts like the TPP. They voiced that opposition on Thursday.

And Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), one of 38 senators to vote against the bill, declared: “The Senate just put the interests of powerful multi-national corporations, drug companies and Wall Street ahead of the needs of American workers. If this disastrous trade agreement is approved, it will throw Americans out of work while companies continue moving operations and good-paying jobs to low-wage countries overseas.”

In a statement following Thursday’s vote, Friends of the Earth climate and energy campaigner Luísa Abbott Galvão chastised the senators who “chose corporate polluters over the American people by voting to forfeit their input into trade negotiations. Fast Track eases approval of trade deals with provisions that would impede future action by Congress and states to act on climate. A vote for Fast Track is a vote to accelerate climate change in the name of corporate profits.”

Nothing short of some entirely new paradigm for Americans to exercise their theoretical Democratic rights in a rapidly evolutionary manner is going to change this drift. Coordinating a rapid evolutionary “pro ‘Big D’ Democracy in America” movement should be the main career path of choice for every one “out there” who has heard and learned enough to know that “speaking truth to power” is not enough. Such well intended and often truthfully articulate speech is being constantly drowned out by the “MoneyCoup” speech of corporatized MSM and now even more so by the corrosive flood of mostly right wing “free money speech” in the post “Citizens United” environment. Our elections and our very Democratic processes are becoming more staged to simply carry out the agenda of vastly over concentrated wealth at the expense of the interests of all of the rest of the citizenry, of we the people, even being considered. Those interests, in the New Speak of this Brave New World Order, are branded “special interests” and dismissed out of hand. Not to be taken seriously by the folks installed by various Billionaire Backed Super PACs.

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